It is the exact time to obtain Residence and Working Permits by founding a company or possessing a property without a lower limit.

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Where is Montenegro?

Montenegro who is the youngest representative of a Republic with her 11-year history of independence

is creating a powerful Investment opportunity from Balkans with her Dynamic structure. Anti-bureaucratic country who carries her steady growth image forward day by day is opening her gates to foreign investors with her Democratic Legal system and Tax advantages. With her buildings under protection of the UNESCO, natural parks, ecological structure and climatic opportunities Montenegro is the center of Tourism sector looking for destinations both in winter and summer. The country provides global market opportunities with the World Bank, IMF, World Trade Organization and then International Free Trade Agreements in the year 2007. As she became member of NATO in 2017, she aims the EUROPEAN UNION in 2019!


Investment Advantages in Montenegro

  • The property prices in Montenegro are much more affordable whet they are compared to the other European Countries.
  • The European Union target in 2019 increases the regional demand and prices.
  • It is also possible to find old stone buildings as well as the modern ones.
  • The dwellings in apart hotel style and commercial places pay for themselves according to their locations within 5 to 8 years by renting .
  • Where the dwelling prices vary according to their locations, the average prices in the south are 500 Euro/m² the the prices are more affordable in the central and northern parts of the country.
  • The country is mountainous regions where as it can be understood from its Turkish name "Karadağ" (Black Mountain). Flat plains are quite a bit less. Thus any kind land acquisition is a profitable investment.
  • The purchase costs approximately vary between 3% and 6% of the dwelling or land price.
  • No sales are made to foreign investors from the lands within the scope of National Parks and over an area of 5000 m².
  • Distances between the settlement areas are very close. For example the distance between Budva and Kotor is 30 min. (22 km), Budva and Podgorica is 70 min. (65 km).


Montenegro for Turkish Investors

Montenegro is drawing attention with its geographic proximity to Turkey

The distance between İstanbul and Podgorica is  1.5 hourswith Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines has weekly 11 flights from İstanbul to Podgorica.

The highway distance between İstanbul and Montenegro is 1180 km. (Istanbul-Antalya 800 km. )

Moreover the average distance between Podgorica and the other European capitals is 1.5 hours.

No visa is required for Turks.

It is possible to obtain residence and working permit in Montenegro within 20 days by establishing a company.

It is possible to obtain residence and working permit in Montenegro within 45 days by buying a property without a lower limit.

The Economic Cooperation Protocol and Free Trade Agreement signed between Turkey and Montenegro are providing important advantages for Turkish investors.

Real estate and tourism oriented any sector is a safe investment instrument in the Montenegro who is growing fast and who targeted 2019 EU membership.

Ziraat Bank started providing services as the first Turkish Bank which commenced operations in the country.

Some of the Turkish companies currently active in the country are;

Dal grup started to work on a clinker production and packaging facility near the capital Podgorica.

Tosyalı Holding stepped into steel sector in 2014 by buying the iron-steel producer Zelijezara AD Niksic in the captial Podgorica.

Global Port Operators, is one of the Turkish companies entered in the country by buying 64.5% of the company named Container Terminal and General Cargo JSC-Bar who operates the Adria harbor's cargo terminal in Bar and who has the privileges for a period of thirty years.

Doğuş Holding participation the D-Marin is on of the big Turkish investors in the countries who incorporated Dukley Marina in Budva city of Montenegro.

Net Holding participation the MeritGroup, incorporated the Casion Royal which became famouse with the James Bond movies after Casino Montenegro the only casino  in Podgorica, and Casino Avala in Budva.

Gintaş Group of Companies is also performing the management of the Mall of Podgorisa which is one of the biggest malls in the country and Ramada Business Hotel after making their construction. Gintaş started a new construction investment with a budget of 30 million Euro.

Acıbadem Hospitals Group entered in the health sector in the capital Podgorica.

Borsa İstanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange) became one of the big foreign investors in the country by buying almost 30% shares of the Montenegro Stock Exchange.


Terms for Montenegro

Where working permit is obtained either by founding a company or by a real estate investment, during the working permit application period the person should be in Montenegro twice.

Meeting and transport from airport and other organization shall be made by our experienced team.


Residence and Working Permits with REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT;

There is no investment limits, registration of the real estate as trading area or residence is adequate,

The actual sale is made after the exact property value is transferred to the bank account of seller.

Changing the title deed registries is a 45-day process.

Residence and working permit process is initiated after the title deed transfer and issued within 30 days,

The permit is granted for a period of 1 year and it may be renewed for each year,

It covers all family members and spouses' parents,

No obligation to reside nor residence days are required.


Residence and Working Permits by FOUNDING A COMPANY  

Founding a CO. LTD. company with a capital higher than 1 Euro,

The company is registered within 7 days,

The residence and working permit process starts with the registration approval of the company,

The permits are issued within 25 days after the registration date,

The permit is granted for a period of 1-year and it might be renewed annually, after an uninterrupted residence permit of 5 years a permanent residence application might be done.

It covers all family members and spouses' parents,

No obligation to reside nor residence days are required.



Income Tax ratio %9,

Corporate Tax ratio %9,

VAT ratio %19.



AS PARTNER CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. we are providing Architectural and interior architecture projecting, project management, consultancy and solution partnership services since 1989. The new structure we founded as Montenegro - Advanced Partner is a consultancy firm set off with the mission of conveying the most correct and reliable information to our investors. Our target is to ensure our investors have their return on investment with a profitable way in the shortest period of time .

Our difference is our reliance and price policy!


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